Shades (9) Brown-3


Reizvoll Ultimate hair coloring cream is an ammonia free colorant that gives your hair a glistening tone that contains hair damage controlling ingredients. Mixing Keratin and Argan oil with a unique & complex Japanese formula comes Reizvoll Ultimate hair coloring crème, that not only controls damage you do to your hair but makes it softer, silkier and shinier giving you the look you’ve always wanted.

Color Shades

Brown-3, Burgundy-3.16, Cherry Red-6.3, Honey Blonde-7.3, Light Brown-5, Lightner-100, Medium Blonde-7.65, Natural Black – 1, Very light Ash Blonde-9.1


The style of your hair is your personality. Be creative with Reizvoll Ultimate hair coloring crème ensures lasting, deep and brilliant color for your precious hair. Stearyl Alcohol in it locks the skin’s natural moisture level providing smooth & soft felling whereas Cetyl Alcohol effectively conditions and softens the hair. For shiny and radiant hair that is long lasting ultimate hair coloring crème is a must have.

A single application of Reizvoll Ultimate hair coloring crème is proven to give you a high definite color & long-lasting permanent shine.